Orders 2021

Sl.No Order No. Date Subject Language Download
11 WP1-19184/2020/PrHQ 01/09/2021 Rivision in diet scale of Prisoners - Dircetions to make changes in Diet Software - reg‌ MALAYALAM
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10 E1-4277/2020/PrHQ 22/08/2021 Rights of Person with disabilities Act 2016 - Grievance redressal officers appointed - Orders issued English
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09 E3-2354/2020/PrHQ 15/07/2021 Directions for paying wages to daily wages employees working in food units of Jails - orders issued MALAYALAM Click Here
08 E1-10029/2021/PrHQ 13/07/2021 Covid 19 Second Wave- New instructions to employees of Prison Headquarters attending the Offices - orders issued MALAYALAM Click Here
07 E3-26144/2020/PrHQ 23/06/2021 Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme for employees - premium remittance date extended - orders issued MALAYALAM Click Here
06 E1-4575/2021/PrHQ 11/06/2021 Re-arrangement of posts of Welfare Officer Gr-I & II - Orders - issued - orders issued MALAYALAM Click Here
05 E2-10708/2019/PrHQ 26/05/2021 Warning to Sri.S.Gopakumar, Senior Clerk - Orders - issued - orders issued MALAYALAM Click Here
04 E1-12655/2021/PrHQ 25/05/2021 Legislative assembly meeting- LA Cell constituted - orders issued MALAYALAM Click Here
03 E1-4575/2021/PrHQ 27/02/2021 Issuing order reorganizing the posts of Welfare Officer Grade-I & II in the Prisons Department in the ratio of 1: 1 MALAYALAM Click Here
02 E7-3613/2021/PrHQ 10/02/2021 Covid Vaccination - Ordering State Level Co-ordinator, District Level Co-ordinator and Session Site Nodal Personnel- reg. MALAYALAM Click Here
01 E3-11144/2019/PrHQ 28/10/2020 Assistant Prison Officer cum driver - Clarification on Duty, Training & Uniform- orders issued MALAYALAM Click Here

Government Orders

Sl.No Order No. Date Subject Language Download
09 G.O.(Rt)No.3113 2021 P.A.D 18/08/2021 Direction to submit the confidential report of sate goverment employees through online(SCORE)- Orders issued‌‌‌‌ MALAYALAM Click Here
08 G.O(Rt) No.2391/2021/Home 06/09/2021 Order extending the special leave of prisoners till 21-09-2021 - Reg MALAYALAM Click Here
07 G.O(Rt) No.2355/2021/Home 01/09/2021 Recommendation of Review Board (leave) of Central Prison and Correctional Home,Viyyur – Sanctioned -Orders issued. MALAYALAM Click Here
06 No.B2/278/2019 Transport(B) Dept. 07/08/2021 Insurance of Govt.Vehicles- amendment of circular- reg.‌‌ MALAYALAM Click Here
05 സ.ഉ.(കൈ ) നം.141/2021/ആഭ്യന്തരം 04/08/2021 Home- Diet scale for prisoners- Revised - Orders issued Reg. MALAYALAM Click Here
04 CDN1/80/2021-GAD 13/07/2021 GAD-General Elections/Bye Elections- Reimbursement of TA/DA of Observers and Officials deployed on Election duty- Reg. English Click Here
03 213/A.R.13(2)/ 2020/P&ARD 29/06/2021 Personnel & Adrninistrative Reforms Department-Vgilance clearance for issuance of Noc to apply for passport- instructions-reg English Click Here
02 സ.ഉ.(കൈ ) നം.61 /2021 /ആഭ്യന്തരം 22/02/2021 The in-service training given to those entering the posts of Assistant Prison Officer and Assistant Prison Officer cum Driver in the Department of Prisons is changed to pre-service training- orders issued. MALAYALAM Click Here
01 No.E3/292/2020/PWD 19/01/2021 Public Works Department - Covid 19 - On the opening and running of rest houses - Issuing instructions - Regarding. MALAYALAM Click Here