K e r a l P r i s o n s

Prisoners are allowed to see and communicate with their family members, relatives, friends and legal advisors for procuring bail, filing of appeal, for arranging the management of prisoners property or any other family affairs. Those who come for an interview with a prison inmate have to submit an application to the Prison Superintendent along with a photo identity proof. In instances where more than one person wishes to visit a particular prisoner, one application is sufficient. But copy of ID proof of each visitors have to be made available with it. In all Jails there is a specified place for conduting interviews. The maximum time allowed is ordinarily 30 minutes and the maximum number of persons allowed at a time is five. The Superintendent can deny any interview if there is any sufficient reason. If a prisoner is seriously ill, the Superintendent shall permit the interview to take place at Prison Hospital. Consulate Officials are allowed to visit citizens of their Country who are incarcerated, for communication and arrangement of legal matters

Visiting hours in prisons for relatives, friends & legal advisors
Convict/ Remand/Under Trial Prisoners 10.00 AM to 01.00 PM and 02.00 PM to 05.00PM All days
COFEPOSA Detenues 03.00 PM to 05.00PM Wednesday only
Other Detenues 03.00 PM to 05.00PM Tuesday only