K e r a l P r i s o n s

When a prisoner is admitted in a Jail Institution, following points are to be followed.

  • Admission of prisoners are done only when accompanied by proper warrant signed by competent authority and a Health Screening Report in the prescribed format stipulated by NHRC guidelines.
  • A separate warrant shall be required for every prisoner even when one or more prisoners have been jointly charged.
  • Officer in charge shall satisfy himself that the person produced is the person referred in the warrant by examining the identification marks given in the warrant.
  • If a warrant is incomplete or incorrect, the warrant shall be returned for correction to the issuing Court for rectification through the escort personnel after retaining one copy for reference.
  • The property received alongwith prisoners shall be carefully examined and verified with the prisoner at the time of admission. An acknowledgement shall also be obtained from the prisoner in Cash / Property Register maintained for the purpose.
  • During admission prisoners are properly searched to prevent smuggling of contraband / restricted articles into Jails. Searches are done with due regard to decency and privacy (preferably in the presence of escort personnel).
  • Female prisoners are searched by female staff only.