K e r a l P r i s o n s

Origin and Development of State Institute of Correctional Administration (SICA)

History of Jail Training School

Dr. Walter.C.Reckless, a UN Expert on Correctional Administration, who visited India in 1952 as invited by Government of India to study and report the condition of Jails in India, had recommended in his report 'Prison Administration in India', to organise training programmes for Prison Personnel for the scientific care and treatment of offenders. He had also conducted 6 months training programme for nearly 50 officers selected from different States. It was on the proposal of Sri. A.V.John (first Inspector General of Prisons, Kerala) who had undergone training under Dr. W.C.Reckless that Government of Kerala had ordered to start Jail Training School for 30 warder staff in the premises of Central Prison, Poojappura vide Order No.H(B)3-26972/57 Home (B) Department dated 11/10/1957. The Jail Training School was started under Inspector General of Prisons as Principal and 5 part-time lecturers and a Drill Instructor on allowance of Rs.50/- per month each.

A training course for 6 weeks was provided to 11 officers at Jail Training School from 23/07/1973 to 31/08/1973 as per GO(MS)No.114/73/Home(B)Department, dated 07/07/1973. As per GO(MS) No.17/77/Home(B)Department, dated 14/02/1977 period of training course for Warder Staffs was extended from 3 months to 6 months.

Training programmes were in a stop-go manner till the creation of regular posts as per GO(Rt)No.2644/87/Home(B)Department, dated 31/07/1987 and appointment of Sri. G.Ramachandra Pillai, Assistant Inspector General (CZ), Thrissur as the first Principal of Jail Training School, Thiruvananthapuram.

State Institute of Correctional Administration (SICA)

As per GO(Rt) No.34790/88/Home(B)Department, dated 29/07/1988 Jail Training School was renamed as State Institute of Correctional Administration (SICA). No basic Training Course for officers has been conducted in SICA after 31/07/1995. Six months basic training course syllabus for warder staff has been revised as 9 months as per GO(MS) No.1092/05/Home(B)Department, dated 03/05/2005.

As per GO(MS) No.176/2010/Home(B)Department, dated 31/07/2010 two Regional Extension Centres of SICA were created in premises of Central Prison, Kannur and Viyyur on 02/10/2010 and 11/10/2010 respectively, with the service of competent Prison Officers and guest faculties.

As per GO(MS) No.203/12/Home(B)Department, dated 21/07/2012 the post of Principal, SICA has been upgraded as Deputy Inspector General of Prison and post is redesignated as Deputy Inspector General Prisons (South Zone) and Director, SICA.

As per GO(Rt)No.2834/12/Home(B)Department, dated 22/09/2012, SICA and office of Deputy Inspector General of Prisons (SZ) were shifted to Thevancode annexe of Open Prison, Nettukaltheri on 15/11/2012. The office of Deputy Inspector General of Prisons (SZ) was shifted back to old SICA building at Poojappura and Training Centre (SICA) was retained in the newly constructed building for SICA at Thevancode vide G.O.(MS) No.94/15/Home(B)Department, dated 14/05/2015.

On shifting of Prison Headquarters to the newly constructed 3 storied building on 01.07.2015, SICA at Thevancode and Office of Deputy Inspector General of Prisons (SZ) have been shifted to the old Prison Headquarters, Poojappura.

BPR & D have prepared a Model Prison Manual for conducting basic training to various Prison officers across the country. The basic training conducted at SICA is based on this syllabus.

Location & Infrastructure

Address Office of the Director, Sica & Deputy Inspector General of Prisons(SZ), Poojappura, Thiruvananthapuram, Pin-695012 Infrastructure Facilities
Phone 0471 - 2345754 1. 2 A/C Smart Class Rooms
2. Well-equipped Library
3. Parade ground
4. Computer Lab with 30 computers
5. Hostel for 60 trainees
6. Guest House
7. Mess Hall
8. Conference Hall (A/C)
Mobile Number 9446899503
E-mail dig.sz.prisons@kerala.gov.in
Distance from Central Railway Station / KSRTC Central Bus Station, Thiruvananthapuram 3.5 KM
Number of batches of personnel successfully completed the training 41 batches 42nd batch is going on

SICA Regional Extension Center - 2 Nos.

Address Office of Officer in Charge,
Sica Extention Centre, Viyyur, Thrissur, Pin - 680010
Office of Officer in Charge,
Sica Extention Centre, Kannur, Pin - 670005
Phone 0487 - 2322329 0497 - 2749889
E-mail sica.vyr.prisons@kerala.gov.in sica.knr.prisons@kerala.gov.in
Distance from Railway Station 7 KM 4 Km
Distance from KSRTC Bus Station 7 KM 3 KM
Number of batches of personnel successfully completed the training 6 batches
Basic training of 7th batch is going on
7 batches
Basic training of 8th batch is going on
Infrastructure Facilities 1. Class Room - 1 No.
2. Parade Ground - 1 No.
3. Hostel for 60 trainees
4. Yoga/Conference Hall
1. Class Room - 1 No.
2. Parade Ground - 1 No.
3. Hostel for 60 trainees
4. Yoga/Conference Hall (A/C)

Governing Committee

  • Director General of Prisons & Correctional Services - Chairman
  • Deputy Inspector General of Prisons & Correctional Services (HQ) - Member
  • Deputy Inspector General of Prisons (SZ) & Director, SICA - Member Secretary
  • Superintendent, Central Prison & Correctional Home, Thiruvananthapuram - Member
  • Programme Officer, Prisons Headquarters - Member
  • Chief Welfare Officer, Prisons Headquarters - Member

The Committee is constituted to frame, review and update the content and quality of training modules and recommend changes that are required to be made in the curriculum.

Objectives of Training

  • To impart knowledge of scientific and progressive methods of correctional administration to the personnel.
  • To inculcate a sense of responsibility among the personnel.
  • To create positive and broad approach among personnel towards official and cultural affairs.
  • To make available opportunities, to expand professional skills and share job experience for better prison management.
  • To refine efficiency and vocational skills of personnel.
  • To encourage personnel in discharging official duties.
  • To make them aware of their official and further administrative responsibilities to tackle future challenges.
  • To bring up sense of unity and co-operation among various personnel in the field of correctional and allied services.

Daily Routine for Trainee (Assistant Prison Officer)

06.20 AM Fall in
06.25 AM Reporting
06.30 AM - 07.10 AM Physical Training
07.10 AM - 07.20 AM Change of Uniform
07.20 AM - 07.50 AM Drill
07.50 AM - 08.00 AM Rest
08.00 AM - 08.30 AM Drill
08.30 AM - 09.45 AM Rest, Breakfast
09.55 AM Reporting for Indoor Class
10.00 AM - 11.00 AM First period
11.00 AM - 11.10 AM Tea break
11.10 AM - 12.10 noon Second period
12.10 PM - 01.10 PM Library
01.10 PM - 02.00 PM Lunch break
02.00 PM - 03.00 PM Third period
03.00 PM - 03.50 PM Tea break
03.55 PM Fall in
04.00 PM - 04.35 PM Drill
04.35 PM - 04.40 PM Rest
04.40 PM - 05.15 PM Drill
05.15 PM - 05.20 PM Change of uniform
05.25 PM - 06.00 PM Games
06.00 PM - 09.00 PM Rest (recreation/ self study/dinner)
09.00 PM Roll cal

Karate classes are conducted on Tuesday and Friday evening instead of Drill.

The Basic Training Course for 9 months is designed to impart necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and exposure required for the newly recruited Assistant Prison Officer.

Period of training 9 months
Medium of instruction Malayalam, English
Total indoor classes (theory) 504 hours
Total outdoor classes (Practical) 560 hours
Total Library hours 168 hours
Total Games hours 84 hours
Period of placement 2 months
Shramdan Morning outdoor hours once in a week

Indoor (Theory) Syllabus

Major Prison Acts & Rules with emphasis on Kerala Prisons and Correctional Services (Management) Act, 2010 and Kerala Prisons and Correctional Services (Management) Rules, 2014.

  • Major Criminal Acts
  • Psychology
  • Sociology / Criminology / Penology / Victimology / Human Rights
  • Correctional Administration and Treatment of Prisoners
  • First Aid, General Hygiene, Sanitation and Family planning
  • Short term course on special and relevant subjects such as
    • Civil Service Acts & Rules
    • Cyber crime & security
    • Store purchase rules
    • Income Tax Rules
    • Stress and Time Management
    • Right to Information Act
    • Right to Service Act
    • Communicative English
    • Forensic Science & Medicine

Click here to view detailed syllabus

Out Door (Practical)

  • Physical Training
  • Drill without arms
  • Drill with arms
  • Musketry
  • Guard & Sentry
  • Passing out parade
  • Ceremonial parade
  • Unarmed Combat
  • Motor Vehicle Driving
  • Games / Sports / Swimming / Yoga
  • Firing Practice
  • Bomb detection & disposal
  • Fire fighting and Rescue operation

Trainee (APOs) are being provided opportunities for placement for a period of 2 months in various Jail Institutions, field visit to allied institutions and study tour to other Indian states so that they can mingle and share knowledge with their counterparts and leading professionals in correctional services and allied fields.

Other Activities

  • SICA organises short term Refresher Courses on various subjects relevant for all categories of staff at Headquarters level and at Regional level.
  • SICA organises State Level Seminars, Conferences and Workshop on Correctional Subjects with the active participation of eminent professionals and personalities in the field.
  • SICA plays major role in the selection and preparation of Prison Platoon participating in the State Level Ceremonial Parade during Republic Day and Independence Day.
  • Conducting preparations for personnel for obligatory Departmental Practical Test by P.S.C.
  • Selection, Training and Preparation for All India Prison Duty Meet like programmes are conducted by SICA.