K e r a l P r i s o n s

All Jails in our State have a full-fledged kitchen catering to their requirements as stipulated in Prison Rules. Earlier, work at Jail kitchens started as early as 02.00 a.m. and continued till 05.00 p.m. Those were the days when we used to follow traditional ways of cooking in which all works were done manually. By 2010s we started modernizing our kitchens with latest technology which helped us save time and effort. Our experiences in catering to a large number of people and the efficiency of our new machineries emboldened us to take up catering in a commercial scale. At that time the hotels, restaurants, wayside eateries etc. were charging exorbitant rates and there existed a demand for quality food at reasonable rates. Spurred by this demand we started our Freedom Food Making Units at Central Prison & Correctional Home, Thiruvananthapuram, in 2011. At first, we started making chappathy packets and Vegetable curry/chicken curry/egg curry packets. Our aim was to always provide tasty and quality food at reasonable rates which has been whole heartedly embraced by the general public and their support and encouragement egged us on to start similar Food Making Units at other Jails also which has all turned out to be successful with the Public. We have since then expanded our products to snacks, bakery products, pickles etc. which has also turned out to be successful and are in great demand. At present such units are functioning in following prisons.

  • Central Prison & Correctional Home, Trivandrum
  • Central Prison & Correctional Home, Thrissur
  • Central Prison & Correctional Home, Kannur
  • Open Prison & Correctional Home, Cheemeni
  • District Jail, Kollam
  • District Jail, Alappuzha
  • District Jail, Ernakulam
  • District Jail., Kozhikode
  • Special Sub Jail, Trivandrum
  • Womens Prison & Correctiional Home, Trivandrum
  • Womens Open Prison & Correctiional Home, Trivandrum
  • Womens Prison & Correctiional Home, Viyyur