K e r a l P r i s o n s


The old School of thought on treatment of prisoners and administration of Prisons were based on retribution, deterrence and such other punitive measures. The emphasis on punishment has gradually been replaced by modern concepts on safe custody, correction, reformation, welfare, rehabilitation and resocialisation. In order to achieve these goals and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto, an act "The Kerala Prison & Correctional Services (Management) Act 2010" was enacted in the year 2010.

Goals & Objectves

The basic duty and responsibility of prisons department is to provide safe custody of all persons committed to jails by any competent authority having jurisdiction and power under any law for the time being in force. All persons admitted to the Jail are given hygienic living conditions, adequate food, clothing and medical care as envisaged in the law. The prisons department's endeavor is to achieve the objectives of correction, reformation and rehabilitation of prisoners including effective vocational training.

Mission Statement

The mission of Kerala Prisons & Correctional Services is to take adequate steps for safe custody, correction, reformation and rehabilitation to transform prisoners into self-sustainable individuals with acceptable social behaviour when released back to society.

Service Rendered

  • To ensure safe custody of all prisoners committed by any writ warrant or an order of any court or other competent authority.
  • To give Correctional treatment to all prisoners in custody so as to efface from their mind the evil influence of anti-social ways of life and rehabilitate them in the society as good citizens.
  • To provide prisoners with food, clothing, accommodation and necessities of life and adequate medical treatment and care of sick prisoners.
  • To adopt measures for developing a healthy social outlook.
  • To adopt measures to engage prisoners sentenced to rigorous imprisonment to labour, and provide them with vocation oriented labour.
  • To take measures for physical, mental and moral uplift of prisoners.
  • To provide educational and other facilities for improving qualities, character and mental attitude of prisoners.
  • Release on due date.
  • To maintain discipline in Prison and to take adequate measures for safety and security of prisoners.