K e r a l P r i s o n s

Kerala Prisons Department in collaboration with IOC have installed petrol pumps named "Freedom Fuel Filling Station" at Central Prison & Correctional Homes in Poojappura, Viyyur, Kannur and Open Prison and Corrcetional home in Cheemeni. Fifteen prisoners are being engaged in each of it. The Petrol pumps operated by Kerala Prisons are utilizing the labour of convicted prisoners so as to ensure effective rehabilitation. A prisoner employed in an 8 hour shift is paid wages @ ₹180/- per day. The main aim of such a venture is to ensure good quality and correct quantity of fuel to the general public. The space for Petrol outlets have been leased by Kerala Prisons to IOC for a period of thirty years and the income including rent for space provided and commission through sales will benefit the Department and the exchequer out of which fifty percent of profits will be utilized for Prison development.