K e r a l P r i s o n s

Vocational training and skill development programmes are treated as essential features of Prison correctional programmes. These help in improving work skills, discipline, sense of economic security, self confidence and self reliance and developing right attitude towards work and dignity of labour. Every year various traditional as well as modern vocational training programmes such as listed below are organized in prisons.

LED bulb making Driving Food production
Computer courses Tailoring Beauty parlor management 
Electrical wiring and plumbing Toy making Mushroom cultivation
Welding  Fashion designing Health and Sanitation
Mobile phone technology Readymade dress making Rubber Tapping
Aluminium fabrication Umbrella making Soap making
Financial accounting Paper bag making Phenyl making
Vehicle maintenance and repair Furniture making Photography
A/C and refrigerator technician Carpentry Documentary Production
Solar energy designing and maintenance Poultry Farming Editing
JCB/Tipper/Triller Operations Goat/Cow/Buffalo/Pig/Rabbit Farming Flower Pot Production
Nettipattam Production Coconut tree climbing Agriculture Training
Computer training
LED bulb making
Welding & Fabrication
Soft doll making
Tomato sauce making
Umbrella making
Paper bag making
Aluminium fabrication