•  Remission system aims at the reformation of a prisoner so as to ensure prison discipline and to encourage learning better work culture and early release from prison as an incentive.
  • Remissions are classified as ordinary remission and special remissions.
  • Prisoners having substantive sentence for 3 months and above are eligible for remission.
  •   No remission is allowed for sentence period in default of fine.
  • Remission for two days each per month are allowed for good conduct and good work.
  • Special remission not exceeding 60 days in a year may be given to any prisoners for special services such as saving life of a Govt. employee, prison visitor etc.
  • Remission can be awarded to such prisoners, or categories of prisoners, as the Govt. may decide on special occasions.
  •  A prisoner can earn up to 60 days in a year, as Remission in lieu of wages.


Sri. Pinarayi Vijayan

Hon'ble Chief Minister of Kerala

Sri Rishi Raj Singh IPS

Sri. Rishi Raj Singh IPS 

Director General of Prisons
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