Nutritious and wholesome diet is provided to all inmates. Special diet is provided to the physically ill/weak inmates, by the advice of the Prison Medical Officer.

(*) Vegetarian inmates are issued vegetarian dishes instead of Fish & Mutton.
  • If wheat can be substituted to rice, if, circumstances demand so.
Inmates are given feast menu on the following festival days every year:-
  • 1. Vishu, 2. Onam, 3. Ramzan, 4. Bakrid, 5. Christmas, 6. Easter, 7. Independence Day,  
    8. Republic Day, 9. Ganthi Jayanthi Day, 10. Kerala Piravi
  • In Open Prisons inmates are given a harvest feast at the close of every harvest.




Sri. Pinarayi Vijayan

Hon'ble Chief Minister of Kerala

Sri Rishi Raj Singh IPS

Sri. Rishi Raj Singh IPS 

Director General of Prisons
and Correctional Services

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