Nutritious and wholesome diet is provided to all inmates. Special diet is provided to the physically ill/weak inmates, by the advice of the Prison Medical Officer.

(*) Vegetarian inmates are issued vegetarian dishes instead of Fish & Mutton.
  • If wheat can be substituted to rice, if, circumstances demand so.
Inmates are given feast menu on the following festival days every year:-
  • 1. Vishu, 2. Onam, 3. Ramzan, 4. Bakrid, 5. Christmas, 6. Easter, 7. Independence Day,  
    8. Republic Day, 9. Ganthi Jayanthi Day, 10. Kerala Piravi
  • In Open Prisons inmates are given a harvest feast at the close of every harvest.




Sri Rishi Raj Singh IPS

Sri. Rishi Raj Singh IPS 

Director General of Prisons
and Correctional Services

iAPS Prisons

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