• The Prisons Department of Kerala pays fair wages to prison inmates who are engaged in prison industry (carpentry, blacksmithy, tailoring, weaving, printing, binding, soap making, agricultural activities etc.).
  • The inmates of prisons are allotted work after taking into consideration their social background, educational qualification, physical ability and previous work experience, etc.
  • The daily wages range from Rs.63/- to Rs.230/- for normal task for one day.
  • Extra wages are being given for extra tasks at various rates.
  • Inamates of open prison who performs extra task on agricutural work s are being given special rates of wages.



Sri. Pinarayi Vijayan

Hon'ble Chief Minister of Kerala

Sri Rishi Raj Singh IPS

Sri. Rishi Raj Singh IPS 

Director General of Prisons
and Correctional Services

iAPS Prisons

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