Preamble :-
The old School of thought on treatment of prisoners by the retributive and punitive methods has been replaced by modern concept of correction, reformation and rehabilitation. The purpose and justification of imprisonment is correction and reformation of offen ders and protection of society from crime. Hence the prison administration is aimed at ensuring the return of offender to the society not only as law a biding citizen. But also able to lead a well adjusted and self supportive life.


The basic duty and responsibility of prisons department is to provide safe custody of all persons committed to jails by any competent authority having jurisdiction and power under any law for the time being in force. All persons admitted to the jail are given hygienic living conditions,  adequate food, clothing and medical care as envisaged in the law. The prisons department’s endeavor is to achieve the objectives of correction, reformation and rehabilitation of prisoners including effective vocational training.


The mission of the department is to make all efforts  to ensure that the prisoners become reformed and self sustainable individuals with acceptable social behavior  on release after their completion of sentence.

Kerala Prisons Department is rendering services to protect following rights of prisoners subject to the provisions of law for the time being in force.
a) To live with human dignity.
b) Adequate diet, health and medical care hygienic living conditions and proper clothing.
c) Communication with family members, friends, legal advisors and other persons.
d) Access to legal service and legal aid.
e) Protection against unlawful aggression on his person or against imposition of ignominy in any manner not authorized by law.
f) Protection against unreasonable discrimination.
g) Protection against punishment or hardship  amounting to punishment, except through procedure established by law and do with due opportunity of defense;
h) pursuing his religious faith
i) Protection against labour not authorized by law or in excess of the prescribed period or with out payment of wages at the prescribed rate.
j) Enjoyment of fundamental rights under chapter III of the Constitution of India in so far as they do not become incapable of enjoyment following conviction and confinement; and
k) Effective training in Socially demanding vocation.
l) Release on due date.


Sri Rishi Raj Singh IPS

Sri. Rishi Raj Singh IPS 

Director General of Prisons
and Correctional Services

iAPS Prisons

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